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Category: Cloche Hats

women's cloche hat

Black wool Cloche

Cloche hat/Charcoal felt

1920's cloche hat

1920's cloche hat

Womens Cloche Hat

Womens cloche hat

Cloche hat

Women's felt cloche hat

womens cloche hat

Brown Cloche hat

cloche hat


The Cloche Hat

Generally associated with the 1920s the cloche hat gained its popularity along with the flapper dress.
Even though the cloche hat is regarded as a 1920”s style they were popular and continued to evolve up until the 1930s and beyond.
Their style evolved from the wider-brimmed hats of the decade before.

It is hard to describe the shape of the cloche hat in a few words, because of the fact that so many variations of it exist. However, the basic description would be a bell shaped hat, very snug-fitting that covered the forehead, yet allowed room for vision.
The hair was often cut short and styled flat to fit under these types of hats.

Cloches often covered the ears as well, and even sometimes the ends of women’s short haircuts of the time.
Often the flapper and the cloche were worn together, especially during the latter half of the 1920s.

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